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Creative Brand Strategy & Development

Brand Strategy and Development is often associated with mega-budgets and large organizations but it doesn’t need to be so and is extremely important for any brand, big or small. There are three main questions to address:

1. Who you are (as a brand)? This is what the brand stands for.
2. Who needs to know? This is mapping out your target audience.
3. Why should people care? This is what’s in it for the customer.

At LOOPS we come up with creative strategies to ensure that your brand is always visible and constantly in a healthy state of development.

TTL Advertising

There is a third advertising technique, Through-the-Line advertising, which attempts to combine the best of ATL and BTL advertising into an effective, holistic solution that initially piques the interest of consumers through ATL channels and then delivers targeted content through BTL channels, resulting in a more efficient outreach and increased probability of sales. A typical TTL strategy might, for example, entice a potential customer to visit a store through a newspaper ad and once they visit the store they will be presented with more targeted advertising like leaflets and specific promotions.

Creative PR

Today there are so many brands and so many things that need to be communicated to consumers but most of the communication out there is bland and banal. The only way to be effective is to be creative and original, things which are in no short supply at LOOPS. We can handle your brand’s PR through both traditional and digital channels, ensuring you communicate effectively and are ready to respond to any situation that may arise in a timely, socially sensitive manner.

Logo Design & Corporate Identity

A brand is not a logo and a logo is not a corporate identity. But a logo is the foundation on which to build both brand and identity. It’s an identifying mark, symbol or flag that is unique to the brand. This is why it’s important to have a logo designed by an exceptional, experienced and professional team of designers, which is exactly what we have at LOOPS. Think of the logos of the best brands like Apple and Coca-Cola, they’re distinctive and speak about the brand’s values and serve to distinguish them from their competitors. Your brand needs a similarly well designed and thought out logo and we can help you in that endeavour.

Product & Packaging Design

Eye-Tracking research shows that the average consumer on an average shopping trip reads less than 7 words on the whole trip. Instead we buy by colour, shape and familiarity of location. The best brands design their products and packaging to trigger the reptilian brain straightaway, where decisions are based on emotion and not logic. In order for product and packaging design to be effective it needs to stand out, be simple, be understandable to a 5 year old, trigger emotion, and be able to create iconic assets using the themes of the brand. At LOOPS, our creative team can design products and packaging for you with these factors in mind to ensure you stand apart from the crowd.

ATL & BTL Advertising

Above-the-Line and Below-the-Line advertising are different techniques used in advertising to reach target audiences. ATL advertising consists of using mass media channels like TV, Newspapers, Radio & Billboards to reach a wide target audience that’s not often easy to define. BTL advertising on the other hand requires more creative, subtle channels and techniques often to reach a more well defined target audience, for example through flyers, promotions, posters, branded vehicles and other extremely creative methods.

Concept Development for Events & Activations

There are few better ways to reach out to consumers than by organizing great events and activations. Whether it’s a launch or a simple promotion, a well thought out and executed event is sure to stand out in the minds of your consumers. We are able to design and execute stunning, memorable events, be they big, small or somewhere in between, with a creative twist that will linger in consumers’ minds long after the event.

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is creating awareness about a joint effort between a for-profit entity and a non-profit organization. For non-profits this kind of marketing allows them to leverage the financial and other resources of a for-profit business to further their own cause(s). For businesses, becoming involved in cause marketing has many benefits including positive PR, improved consumer relations and additional marketing/profit opportunities. To be successful, campaigns need to be creative and designers need to be sensitive to social trends.

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